Before and After School Care

MFA Studios Arts Enrichment Program offers an extraordinary experience for your child! Our Enrichment Program is offered both before and after school, weekdays when school is cancelled, and during the summer! Each day's focus highlights a separate element of the arts, rotating through dance, gymnastics, visual art, drama and music! Rather than focusing on just one interest, your child will be exposed to many sides of the world of arts, and will have the opportunity to express, create and have fun! Our classes are small so that instructors are able to work closely with your child- we want to nurture their interest in the arts and build a foundation for lifelong arts appreciation! Homework assistance is provided. 

Primary Ballet for 6-8 year old's at MFA Studios in Locust Grove, VA.

Ages: 5-11

Before School 6-8am
After School 3-6:30pm

Program Fees:
Before School Enrichment  $50 a week
After Care Enrichment with Lesson $75 a week
Before & After care Enrichment with Lesson $100 a week
Daily Drop ins Before & After $35
Annual Registration $55 per family.